I’ve Made Up My Mind About Making Up My Face

Over the weekend, I found myself thinking about makeup and cosmetics. How did the term “makeup” come about? Is it meant to imply that women are “making up” their sense of self beauty?

And then I started thinking of all the feminist reasonings behind resisting putting on your face and the idea that women should be comfortable just the way they were born: without foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara or lipstick. That not wearing cosmetics was meant to be the true indicator of a girl that is 100% comfortable with herself, and does not need the compliments that stem from a pretty lipstick or glowing complexion. I liked that thought, but I’ll admit that it’s not my primary reason for not wearing makeup.

I’m pro healthy body image, but I’m a practical sort.

So my reasons for not wearing makeup anymore have nothing to do with a feminist agenda, challenging society’s perception of beauty, or trying to be 100% comfortable in my own skin.

First, I honestly have no idea how to apply most cosmetics, including foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush, and eye shadow. I’ve attempted to guess over the years, and that has left me looking like a makeup bag threw up on my face.


I even would stress out about which product I was supposed to use. Is my skin oily? Am I a warm or a beige? Do I want foam, powder, and liquid make up? Revlon, L’Oreal, Cover Girl, or Maybelline? And what the hell is contouring??


So I stuck to what I knew, which was mascara and eyeliner, both products which really didn’t do anything for me. One reason, is because I’ve been cursed with the shortest eyelashes in the history of mankind. Mascara only makes my lashes look normal; not lengthy or voluminous, and they definitely don’t look like stilettos.


I’ve tried numerous expensive brands, and I’ve settled on one that just makes my eyelashes look…. More black?

I perceived eyeliner to be the big game changer in my makeup routine. As long as I had eyeliner on, I felt put together. I didn’t even put it on any other part of my eye besides the waterline, just on top of my lower eyelid. The felt tipped pen never even grazed the surface of my upper lid. All attempts to do a cat-eye or smokey-eye have failed miserably. Clearly, if you didn’t understand before then now you do, my makeup applying skills are few and far between.


So besides the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing when I put on makeup, it seems to disappear a few hours after I put it on, forcing me to perform a quick re-apply in a dimly lit bathroom over a sink covered in puddles, and of course, making it necessary that I am consistently carrying make up everywhere I go. In the summer, make up just seems to melt off my face during the twenty minute walk to my office. The Summer in Boston humidity really hates my face.

So I ask; if it’s just going to disappear later, I only use two to three products, and I can’t even apply the stuff correctly, why do I even need make up?

So I decided I don’t. So to save my budget and time, I’m not going to wear makeup unless I actually WANT to. No more poking myself in the eye, or allotting 30 minutes to put on my face in the morning as if it’s a necessity.

And I’m not writing this post to announce that I am joining a self beauty campaign in an effort to teach girls to appreciate their natural beauty (even though, I believe that). I’m just posting because, like I say in the behind the blog, I just write to write….

So no, there will not be multiple posts a day, breaking down my experience on the makeup free side of life, with quotes about how I’ve loved feeling comfortable in my own natural skin day after day. Just this one.

But in case you’re wondering, Day 1. I went on a date. It went well. No makeup needed.