They See Me Rowing….. They Hatin…



There’s nothing quite like Summer in Boston, and one of the best places to spend your youthful (or in your twenties during your quarterlife crisis) Summers is on the Charles River.

No I don’t even want to begin to wonder whats in the Charles.

But as long as it’s safe enough to touch I’m down for some water sports.

For the first time this summer, I tried paddle boarding, and took my friend Denine there for her 25th birthday. It was quite the experience, even if I don’t have anything snarky or sarcastic to say.

We arrived at Charles Canoe & Kayak at 500 Broad Canal Way in Kendall Square, where I exchanged pleasant banter and smiles with a chiseled employee teaching us about how to navigate the River safely (“If a duck boat quacks at you, you quack back!”). We received our boards and made our way into the bacteria and algae filled canal.

Yes, you read that correctly. The canal is actually a place that you don’t want to fall into, as there has been algae detected in it, representing the bacteria that is festering in it’s waters.

Paddling through the canal towards the river was one of the most anxious moments I’ve had all Summer..

When I safely made it through, the site was magnificent, filled with sailboats, kayak, bridges, harbors, and the esplanade. Through out the experience we paddled up and down the docks, passed under bridges, waved to the tourists that took our pictures from their trolleys, and relaxed on our boards to catch some rays.

After some serious bullshitting around we returned our kayaks, paid our fee and enjoyed dinner and drinks at the near by patio at Commonwealth, where with the receipt from paddle boarding, we received an extra 10% our meal.

Water, Sun, and discounts at dinner. Exactly what a twentysomething needs after a stressful week.




Well Played Zac Brown Band. Well Played.

In true Upstate New York by way of North Carolina transplant to Boston fashion, I went to one of two sold out Zac Brown Band concerts at the famous Fenway Park. Basically I was one of 70,000 people that saw an amazing show that could only be described by my friend Marc as “life changing.”

I’m not being dramatic. I am not joking. I am still reeling and trying to wake up from my ZBBcoma as I approach the work week and I whole heartedly refuse as I go into work with my new ZBB trucker hat that I can’t let go of.

The concert was perfectly placed in the day so that the first half was enjoyed as the sun set over the Green Monster. After a ten minute intermission, the second half was performed as the fans at Fenway welcomed the night and a ton more ZBB surprises along the way.


As if the setting of a sold out Fenway Park at sunset wasn’t enough, the concert was a feat itself for the band performed over 30 songs in the course of three hours with only a ten minute break in between. No opener, just pure ZBB goodness performing all the favorites as well as some amazing covers.

America was the fashion statement of the night and there is nothing more patriotic than joining in USA chants with the beer flowing at Fenway park and marines on stage during “Chicken Fried”.

The guitar strings, drum kit, percussion, and fiddles seemed to be on fire last night, and I fell helplessly I love with the fiddler, especially after the band covered “Devil Went Down to Georgia”. I just wish he slammed his fiddle down wrestle mania style and proclaimed “I done told you once you son of a bitch I’m the best there’s ever been”.

Once it seemed that everything was over, the band starts an encore lit under blacklights dressed as performing neon skeletons. A song later they are covering “I’m Shipping off to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys and end the concert with “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. The talent! The versatility! My ovaries exploding!

I challenge all self proclaimed country haters to see this band and walk away saying it wasn’t worth it. Because you probably will get jumped by girls in cowgirl boots wearing handkerchiefs as tube tops and guys in Mericuh muscle tanks.

In true white girl fashion: I. Literally. Died. Last. Night. I. Can’t. Yaaasssssss.